series 'small world' 2022

'my roots', brons, garen - 19x11x11 cm

'my roots'

'worldly escape', koper, hout, ornamenten Birma en India

'worldly escape', 21 x 15 cm

'swing over the city', brons, houten ornamenten India en Birma, 21 x 15 cm

'lost in the forest', messing, houten ornamenten o.a. India, 21 x 15 cm

'climb to the white elephant', messing, houten ornamenten India, 21 x 15 cm

'acrobat artist', brons, hout, ornament India                      34x9,5 cm

'the lazy branch', brons, koper, hout, 33 x 12 cm ( zij en bovenaanzicht)

series 'let's save the world' 

'woodnimph', messing, hout, garen           20x8 cm sold

'green angel', messing, hout, garen.           18,5x7 cm sold

'de boswachters', messing, hout, garen 17x11 cm

'power girl I', messing, ornament India, garen, 17,5x9 cm sold

'power girl II', messing, garen, ornament India, 16x9 cm

'little guardian', messing, garen, koperen handjes, hout, 16x10x8 cm sold

'super boy', messing, textiel, hout,               24,5x9 cm sold

'little demon III", messing, amuletten, textiel, 22,5x9 cm sold

'super- duper girl', messing, garen, hout, 16x7 cm sold

'treasure girl', messing, 'wereld' treasures, hout, 21x6,5 cm

'shelter', brons, hout, koper, vrucht, acrylverf, 17,5x13 cm sold

'we are stardust', messing, hout, garen, acrylverf, 21x11 cm sold

'tree of life', brons, messing, hout                27x16x8 cm sold

'my space', brons, houten ornament India  40x10 cm sold

'little guardian', messing, emaille ogen India, textiel, 16x10x8 cm sold

'dressed by nature', brons, hout, collage papier, 23x8 cm sold

'the messenger', messing, garen, hout sold

serie  'let's save the world'